Pirrie Antoine

Age: 85

City: Brooklyn

State: Unknown

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On March 15th 2020 at 3:15 pm my father Pirrie Antoine lost his battle to Covid-19 after spending 30 days in Down state hospital in Brooklyn,NY. Furthermore, his dead body remained for 2 weeks before we could finally find a funeral home that had space to take him.Even sadder ,my dad wasn’t able to have a formal burial. Instead ,his body was taken from the hospital and driven straight to the grave yard for a direct burial with no family present, or virtual viewing . Me and my sisters and his family members couldn’t say a proper good bye. And that hurts very much. I will never forget this tragedy.My father Pirrie Antoine was the most amazing father. As a child I remember seeing my dad waking up every morning at 5:00 am Monday- Friday to commute to work from Brooklyn to Manhattan. My dad was never late for work nor did he take days off from work. My father always made sure that me and my siblings had a solid roof over are heads and food on our table and clean clothes. I also, remember him taking us to the park, beaches and different theme parks every weekend. My dad was also, a very funny man that liked to make jokes.He had a lot of friends that really liked and respected him for his kindness and loving ways.He was also a very loving and dotting grandfather to all 18 grandchildren. But more important he was an amazing loving and caring and very respectful husband to my late mother Marie Lou Verna Antoine. As I grow up I always tried to find a partner that had the same beautiful traits as my dad. And this is my family story.Submitted by: Yamille Antoine (yamille72antoine@gmail.com)

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  1. So sorry for your loss Yamille. It sound as if you had a really good dad.

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