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Let me introduce my father Rick Redmon , he lost his life to Covid 19 on March 31 , he turned 70 on March 13 ,I myself didn’t understand the importance of social distancing until he got sick then I knew ,He loved the lord and my mother so much that as he was getting worse a nurse held his hand and told him how sorry she was that he was alone with no family allowed he told her he’s not alone god was always beside him , and he need to keep my mother well .His heart was so big .I pray every night that the deaths would stop, but it just keeps getting worse.I get so mad when I hear people laughing about this virus, I want so bad to tell them keep joking around and it will knock on your door , having a loved one get sick , not be able to see them , and god forbid they pass away you can’t even give a proper goodbye it’s by FaceTime and I’m thankful for the staff at Norton Audubon for doing that , then you can’t even hug your mother because I fear of getting her sick .So I say RIP Richard Redmon keep watching over mom I know she misses you and just wants to be with you , but I’m not ready for her to go yet , I love you and my heart hurts bad .Submitted by: Rhonda Raley

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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your dad’s story. I am praying for your mother.

  2. Feel a big hug! This is such a hard time to lose a loved one, and to such a thing as this epidemic. Your Dad sounds like he was a loyal, loving person. I pray for your families strength and know we are out there thinking of you, crying with you, and many are taking this very seriously because we know the pain you must be going through. May God hold you in his loving hands.

  3. I’m so very sorry for your loss. God bless you and your Mom. Your lovely Dad will be guiding you through these difficult days, may he rest in peace.

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