Robert Lee Mulkey

Age: 34


State: Unknown

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Robert Lee Mulkey (Fat Rob) was born on October 3, 1985, in Detroit, Michigan to Gladys Davis and Robert Dennis Mulkey. He was born at Plymouth General Hospital. Robert was educated in the Detroit Public School System.

Robert’s birth was the surprise that none of his siblings knew they needed. He was a happy baby who loved to laugh with those rosy cheeks. From the beginning, he was a daring child, not fearful of anything. His courage was relentless. Rob would jump off furniture, downstairs, etc. because he was “Bad” like LL Cool J. As he aged, so did his sense of humor. By the time he went to middle school, he had become the class clown. He loved to laugh and make everyone laugh too. Ms. Gladys spent many days at the schools because of Rob’s hilarious behavior. He would tell her was bored. He had such a personality that by the time the conferences were over the teachers would be on his side.

Robert developed a love style at a young age. He would undress if he didn’t like the outfit you put on him. He would pull all the clothes out of the drawer until he found what he wanted to wear. Then he would model his outfit for you with a huge smile. As he entered high school, he developed a finesse for style and coordination. Every night, he spent time picking out the perfect outfit, including shoes, so that he was ready for school in the morning. Often, he would re-iron, because he couldn’t have any wrinkles. He loved fashion and didn’t care how much it cost. Jordans was his shoe of choice. He would even call Alyssa from the hospital to get him the latest editions. If they didn’t have them in Detroit, he would call Tiffany in New York or Valerie in Chicago to go on the hunt. He didn’t go anywhere without his Buffs on and his jewelry. Let’s not forget how good he smelled. Like father like sons. His boys had to be fly just like him. He even kept a change of clothes for the boys. Everyone knew that his greatest loves in life were his momma, Alyssa and his sons Skylar and Lil Rob!

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the Lord decided to grant him his wings. He was preceded in death by his father Robert Dennis Mulkey and Nephew Edward Davis III. He leaves to cherish his memories: his sons Skylar Brown and Robert Lee Mulkey, Jr.; mother Gladys Davis; stepmother Judith Mulkey; the love his life (Fiancé) Alyssa Clark; Siblings Valerie Curry of Illinois, Belinda Davis(Marty), Regina Kirk(Rodney), Edward(Lakesha)Davis, Jr, Tiffany Davis of New York, Robert D. Mulkey, Jr., Elizabeth Dixon, Darius Mulkey, Shawn Reaves, Shavon Reaves, Delano Mulkey, Bobbie Mulkey, and Deanna Mulkey. His brother, cousin, and best friend Gabriel Jackson; his God-Daughter Za’Niyah LeeAnn Huston. A host of nieces, nephews, family, and friends.

Alyssa (Rob’s Fiance) and Rob

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  1. Hello, everyone this is my lil brother whom I love with all my heart and soul. I miss him everyday. I’m going to share with you all a little bit of his life. 5 years ago Robert had a kidney transplant at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit MI we were all so happy for his new life without dialysis. Robert enjoyed his new life with his two son’s, fiance and family and friends. Fast forward to January 2020 he was hospitalized only to find out the kidney was failing. Robert was disappointed but he was thankful for the 5 years God gave him free of dialysis. He told me he was ok with going back on dialysis. On March 25,2020 He called me to inform that they would not dialysize him because he had a fever. I immediately call the hospital and spoke to the covid-19 nurse she said bring him in immediately. When Robert got into the car I notice his breathing was off and I begin to pray all the way to the hospital. I never knew this would be the last time I would see my brother alive. On March 31,2020 Robert made his transition without the comfort of his love ones this hurts but to God be the Glory he has a new body no more pains no more dialysis. Hallelujah!!!

    1. Continued prayers to you and the family. Rob was everyone’s lil brother and will be greatly missed by all.

      Love Always,
      Big Tiff

  2. Hello everyone Robert was my fiancé we was together for 8 1/2 years in May it would have been 9 years it’s not a day that goes buy that I don’t think about him he was also my best friend we did everything together he never left my side n I never left his until March 25,2020 he left and went to the hospital and I couldn’t b by his side due to the covid19 witch I was mad bout but at the same time had to accept the reason why I couldn’t but as days went on March 31,2020 I got a call that early afternoon to learn that he had passed away at that point I didn’t no what to do cause it hurted so bad especially noin that I couldn’t be there wit him but also I had to wipe my tears away cause I thought about and said to myself GOD makes no mistakes my baby was tied of fighting he has fought for years so days was happy and sum days was not so happy but one thing for sure u would have never new but I No now can walk around wit a big smile on my face cause Robert made sure the years we was together was wonderful I love u #livelongfatty

  3. God bless the family at this time Rob was so loved by his sister Belinda, but no more pain he is in the arms of the Lord

    1. Hello everyone Robert is my cousin whom I love very much. I’m definitely going to miss him. When I found out he was in the hospital I immediately tried to call him and sent messages but he couldn’t talk. I prayed alot each day crying and asking God to please bring him home. I was shocked when I found out he passed. It really hurt my heart. I truly expected him to come home so I felt blindsided. But God knows and I will always give Him Glory. The good thing is he dont have to fight anymore.

      The first thing I always think about is his smile and sense of humor. I remember when he was my best friend. I use to go over his house everyday and sit on the porch and just kick it. He was very laid back, you know, cool and easy going. He was honest so if you asked you were getting the truth most likely with a laugh. My cousin was very loyal to those he loved and would stand up for them in a heart beat. He was a rare breed. This one hurt me. I continue to pray for his beautiful children, my aunt, cousins, other family and his fiance. Forever in my heart♡♡♡ Love you cuz♡♡

  4. I can remember us on the phone Wednesday night laughing like there was no tomorrow who would’ve thought that would be the last time we spoke My friend lost his battle with the coronavirus just a week and two days after talking to him hurts my heart knowing that we will never have our silly conversations again and it hurts even more that I know your son and fiancé will have to go forward in life without you there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you Fat Rob I LOVE YOU and you are truly missed RIP

  5. I lost a little brother that I will always remember we was just talkin about when I used to pick you up a ride with me when you were little come spend the weekend with me and my son we’re was just laughing about that I can’t believe you gone we were talking about when we were in the rental car place and you were playing with this little boy and when him and his parents left you said bye funny head because the boy had a funny shaped head you would laugh and just like you laugh when you were small I’m going to miss you Rob peace…

  6. Our Deepest Condolences to Belinda and the Family and continue to stay lifted up in prayer.

    The Parker’s

  7. What can I say about Rob? Nothing but good things, I always enjoyed to to Rob about style, because he had style on so many levels. I would ask Rob to take me shopping with him.

    Rob liked my watches and I loved his wardrobe, Rob always had a way of making you think about his truth in humor.

    I will certainly miss you little bro, matter of fact “we” all will be missing you very much.

    Rest in heaven lil bro and May you continue to look over us.

    Love you,

    Jerry Dale

  8. Man I know I’m late but I really don’t know what to say this one really hit me feel like Tyson done hit me in the chest I swear we would probably be on the phone talking rt now what pair we bout to get wit that jersey man I’m a miss u kid we go back like cassette decks in the cutty chilling at Note crib I’m still in disbelief but god needed u so I’ll see u when I get there tell my pops and Tyree I said what up doe I love u and I’m damn sho gone miss u Fatty rest up

  9. To my baby brother Rob… my heart is shattered to have loss you. Rob and I only meet 11 years ago but God makes no mistake from the 1st day we talked on the phone it was like we had grew up with each other. I remember like yesterday the very 1st day I meet you. You flew down to Georgia, Bob and I picked you up. I could tell you were nervous but I swear it didn’t last but a second we all were all smiles and hugs… I could write a book about the memories we made over the years…. I’m so glad you meet the Mulkey side and Rob you were more like dad than you knew…..I hate the Lord has taken you but just like Dad and Tj he need you guys more than we did on earth. Thank you Alyssa for taking time out of your birthday trip last year to allow him to stop in Columbus and see us.
    Love you so much little brother until we meet again.
    Love Deanna and Teanna

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