Robert Niedzwicki (Bob)

Age: 76

City: Unknown

State: Unknown

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This is my dad. We lost him to Covid 19 on June 1, 2020, 2 weeks prior to his birthday and Father’s Day. The last time I visited with him in person was three months earlier before they stopped visitors from entering his nursing home. He was battling Parkinson’s Disease after being diagnosed in 2009. He was doing great and we were hoping he’d be able to come home. He was boxing and exercising at the nursing home and gaining strength after some bad falls. We were hopeful and very happy with his progress. Then we got that dreaded call. He was Covid positive. Within a week he was brought to the hospital. My mother and I spent countless weeks praying for his recovery. Every small improvement was then met with uncertainty. He was a veteran, a strong man that overcame so many hurdles. We just wanted to see him or even talk to him but we weren’t able to. The uncertainty and countless hours spent waiting to hear from the hospital for a daily update were excruciating. One doctor finally offered us an opportunity to visit him with the condition of a mandatory 2 week quarantine after the visit. My mother is too high risk so I agreed to go visit and quarantine for two weeks. This was a very scary experience. He was not very alert. The hospital did not have much PPE. I luckily had one N95 mask that I had been saving in case of an outbreak at work. I visited him and stayed as long as I could. I feared my safety but I was willing to take this risk to see him. He continued to hang on but was getter weaker. I begged them to try recovered plasma or any of the then controversial experimental drugs to save him. I was continually told that he didn’t meet the eligibility for them. A few weeks later he was released back to the nursing home with the hope that he would improve with his oxygen levels improving and a feeding tube. Three days later we received a call that he was rushed to the hospital due to his dipping oxygen level. He died a few hours after arriving. He leaves behind his wife of 52 years, his only daughter and his beloved dog and cats. We never got to say goodbye. We were never able to hold a proper service for him. I think of him everyday. RIP Dad. We love and miss you. ❤️

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