Robert Phillips

Age: 69

City: Portland

State: Array

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Robert was a pillar in the Black community of Portland. He worked in politics for change, and wanted the world to be a better place. He has always worked toward equality for all. His work and accomplishments are see today in Portland and people still know him and his achievements. In his own words, 2 years ago Robert wrote the following to his family…the one life skill that mom or dad taught us was never to give up…We all have faced death related challenges, but we fought back and did not cave or give up in our challenges. Five times last year the doctor told my family and friends I would not be coming out of the hospital alive. When that did not work, I was given a death placement in a nursing home, functional and alive. Each of us has faced numerous challenges in what we call life. …The one thing I know for sure…Mom or Dad never taught us to give up…We each fight our individual battles of life through will power and determination. Robert Phillips, 2018 (He lost his struggle to Corona Virus on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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  1. RIP Mr. Phillips. You made a difference in this world and I thank you for that!

  2. Robert Phillips, One of a kind and a great gift to Portland, Oregon.
    A Pioneer, a champion for equity, a role model, a friend and a supporter.
    Robert worked for the state and local government and served community organizations.
    Robert’s lists of accomplishment goes on and on . We Salute you my brother

  3. Robert Phillips and I have known one another for over 60 years. He has always been a pleasure to be around. Robert has done so much GOOD throughout our community for over 50 years. Rest-In-Peace My friend. Until We Meet Again.

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