Age: 69

City: Mount Vernon

State: Array

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Ronald Sylvano HechavarriaBeloved Father & Husband02/26/1951-04/22/2020Submitted by: Lisa Hechavarria

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  1. To My Beloved Father and Grandfather

    Your gentle face and patient smile
    With sadness we recall
    You had a kindly word for each
    And died beloved by all.

    The voice is mute and stilled the heart,
    That loved us well and true,
    Ah, bitter was the trial to part
    From one so good as you.

    You are not forgotten loved one
    Nor will you ever be,
    As long as life and memory last
    We will remember thee.

    We miss you now, our hearts are sore,
    As time goes by we miss you more,
    Your loving smile, your gentle face,
    No one can fill your vacant place.

    1. Beautiful…May God Bless and comfort you …knowing one day rejoicing in heaven for eternity…

  2. I Miss You
    I just wiped a teardrop from
    The corner of my eye followed
    By another as I began to cry…

    I just found a memory in the
    Corner of my mind…
    Of happy times gone past
    When you were by my side.

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