Rosie Guevara

Age: 59

City: Houston Texas

State: Unknown

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My youngest sister Rosie Guevara. Rosie was funny she love to dance she was a hard worker. One day back in July about the first week of July. Rosie call our sister Elvira she told her she was feeling sick. My sister told Rosie to go to the hospital not to wait Rosie was already feeling sick for about a couple of days. Me and my sister Elvira went to see her Saturday I took her some fruit and soups and other things for her to eat. I got home I call her and ask her if she ate she said yes. Sunday about 5:30 in the morning saying she couldn’t breathe. My sister told her to go to the hospital to call the ambulance so she did she went to the hospital in Baytown. I called her when she was in the emergency room and they were checking on her after they found out she had the virus. They put her in a room a day later I call her she said she was eating and she had cable and she was looking at Hallmark movies no thank you and I ask her how was she doing she said I feel a little better I said good you’ll be out soon. A couple of days later they took her back to icu. She never came out of icu. Rosie was in icu for about three weeks her son Tommy Gomez was the one that was in charge of calling to the hospital everyday. On July the 17 I was outside and my phone ring that was my sister Elvira she was crying and told me my sister Rosie had die. Saturday will be her Funeral service she was Cremated. I wake up in the morning before I get off the bed I get my phone and I see her pictures and I tell her us three sisters were Supposed to get old together. Its very hard for me I still can’t believe she’s gone not my sister Rosie. I miss calling her every morning to make sure she was okay. I miss her so much I cry every time I see her pictures. I asked myself why you why did this ugly Virus had to take you away from all of us. I will always remember my sister and she will always be in my heart ❤️

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Those of us who have lost our loved ones will always be connected. I lost my mom on July 27, 2020. My heart is broken, but for her I stay strong. Bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I just lost my dad Tuesday 10/27/2020. I’m sorry all of us here have lost a piece of us too soon due to this ugly virus. I miss my dad so much. It feels like the tears may never end.

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