Scott Kaplan

Age: 43

City: Centennial

State: Unknown

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Scott was a 43 year-old husband, and father to 2 young boys. He was also known as son, brother, coach, friend, neighbor, and boss. Additionally, he spent a lot of his time dedicated to fundraising and advocating for those with Multiple Sclerosis, which he lived with for 17 healthy years.
He decided to stay home and work in early March, while his family went to Mexico for a whale camp adventure. He was trying to get some important projects done at work when he fell ill.

After a short stint quarantined at home, Scott was admitted to the hospital and quickly put on a ventilator. Within days he was transferred to another hospital for ECMO life support as his systems all began to shut down. He and his friends in the community pioneered the plasma donations at a local hospital blood bank. Despite getting plasma, he was unable to shake the grips of COVID-19. At 30 days in the hospital he was still testing COVID-19 positive, yet needed to get the intubation out. A brave team agreed to his surgery, after others had declined. After removal of the intubation and placement of a tracheotomy, he was awake enough to speak to his wife. Despite five weeks of not speaking, he was able to tell her for the last time “I LOVE YOU”. A few hours later he suffered multiple strokes due to blood clots related to COVID.
He succumbed to COVID-19 five days later, after 40 days in the hospital.

Scott is missed greatly by all, but mostly by his boys who never got to say goodbye to their Daddy.

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  1. Scott’s passing is surreal! I pray that his family and friends, including myself, allow themselves to feel all their feelings, to grieve as best for them and to find peace that he is no longer suffering. Scott you are missed daily!! May you always guide us when we lose our way!
    Love Meme

  2. I truly miss Scott. He was a great friend and coworker. He helped me so much with work and personal life, I will be forever grateful. Thank you Denise, Patrick, and Ethan for sharing him.

  3. Scott was a brave soul and a great person. He left his mark on all of us. Gone but never forgotten.

  4. Scott helped me come to terms with my diagnosis in 2009. He never gave up on anything he did. During auction planning I (and I think we) would get frustrated because he pushed us so much LOL, I needed to be pushed and he did it in his way with warmth and his big smile. He offered to meet with me anytime to talk about how I was feeling, a new drug I was on or just to laugh and forget about the enemy MS. I miss him everyday and pray for his entire family to find healing in anyway possible. Scott, you are an angel and I believe completely that you are in heaven planting ideas in scientist minds to find a cure for Covid and MS. I love you

  5. I didn’t know Scott, but I know his Aunt Wesley. I feel that I knew Scott through her. I am so sorry for your loss. He will always be remembered as a beautiful sole.A very special man.
    Again my deepest sympathy!

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