Steve Evans

Age: 52

City: Castle Rock

State: Unknown

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My dad was my best friend, my rock, my biggest supporter and my hero. He has raised me on his own since we lost my mom when I was seven. As an only child we became closer than most people do with their parents. I am now 20 and my dad was still the one person I talked to everyday. He owned Astro Tap House in Castle Rock and was loved by the community for his kindness and volunteerism throughout the town. He supported many organizations and always believed in helping others. My dad became sick with what he thought was a stomach bug while I was quarantined at my apartment away from him while I was also sick. He thought he was feeling better until March 27th when he woke up and couldn’t breathe and was rushed to the hospital by my uncle after he consulted with his doctor. My dad had a kidney transplant 28 years ago but other than that was in perfect health. He called me to tell me they were putting him on a ventilator which was the last time I talked to him. That evening my dad went into cardiac arrest twice but managed to come back. He was transferred to another hospital for constant dialysis because his kidney was failing. After 10 days in the hospital they had to try and replace the tube due to a cuff leak and he passed from his oxygen dropping too low. My dad taught me to be the best version of myself that I can be everyday. He taught me to use my story to help others instead of personal gain but also letting my story help me. He taught me how to be strong and sympathetic. To be kind and caring. My dad wasn’t just my dad, he was my everything. My world wasn’t just shaken by his loss but it has been shattered into pieces that can never be replaced. I didn’t get to give my dad the goodbye he deserved, but a group called the Dads of Castle Rock have helped me honor him in a couple different ways with a drive procession through the town and a memorial golf tournament in the fall that will become annual. Many were shaken by the loss of my dad. He will never be forgotten and I plan to continue his legacy. My dad was my person, my world, my everything. I love you Daddy #stevestrong

Submitted by Ellysen Evans.

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