Trinidad McGee

Age: 48

City: San Diego

State: Unknown

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My Son Trinidad was an excellent Son, Brother, Father and Husband. Trinidad always had a wonderful smile on his face he was a great cook and was loved by many. Trinidad collected comic books and baseball hats. The virus took him too soon, his wings were ready to fly but my heart wasn’t ready for him to leave. Trinidad will be missed by his aunt’s uncles nieces nephews and other family members. He would bend over backwards to help anybody in need and never ask for anything in return.Submitted by: Suzette Palmer (

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  1. I am one of those individuals who have experienced death of immediate family members. I sadly lost My Nana, My Grandpa, My Mom, My Dad, My Niece Kim My Step Dad Charlie, Dad Herman in the past years. but never imagined that I would lose my nephew Trinidad, would leave us, being robbed of a whole life ahead of him. Life is full of suffering and could be so profoundly unfair. I was shocked to hear of the death of my nephew. I can’t even imagine how my family felt that day, I have had a hard time with it, still not believing he is gone, keep thinking he is going to call me and say hi. I love and miss my nephew Trinidad his death ,It provides a timely reminder that regardless of age we never know if we will wake to see tomorrow. I experienced a day of heartbreak. My sister’s tears flowed throughout the day. She realized that she would never see her son again, I questioned why this happened, and what he did to deserve such a punishment. . I have always said that when god calls us to go home we go because god has work in heaven for usi know he is with the rest of the family looking out for us from heaven, I felt my heart being torn into pieces when my niece called and told me that he passed away He brought smiles to everyone’s face with his jokes and goofiness. I am really going to miss him and will say this that corona virus is a bitch my heart goes out to all the people in the world who has lost someone to this virus….

  2. My family and I are so very sorry for your loss. We did not know Trinidad, however, he sounds like a terrific person and we pray for comfort for his family.

    1. Thank you Lynn that means a lot he was and always be a part of our life even from heaven

  3. My Baby Timmy Was My Son Too… i was 11 when he was Born and i cant even imagine life without him… but i know he is happy now, in heaven with Big Timmy! I can hear them Everday, Laughing At Me and it always makes my day Better! Yall Are Gone, But You Will Never Be Forgotten ❣ Until I See Your Face Again, Just Keep Laughing For Me…

  4. May Trinidad’s Memory be Eternal! He is in a place of no pain and no sorrow. May he watch over his Wife and Family until we all meet again in God’s Kingdom! Trinidad is missed and loved and I feel Blessed to have met him. May God Bless and heal All those in mourning and celebrate his life and presence here on earth.

  5. Timmy meant a lot to many people me included. He was an amazing man dad husband and most of all to me my friend. We reconnected almost 10yrs ago. It was like we were never apart after 23 years. He had an infectious smile and that good laugh. He was a jokester and when I joked back I always got “you got jokes now”. That always made me laugh. I cried all day at work in disbelief the day I found out you were gone. Kept telling my self no this isn’t true but it was. I’m going to miss that smile that laugh and your jokes. Gonna miss my daily voice messages that said Good Morning I hope your having a blessed day. You are going to be surely missed my friend. Until I see you again my friend.

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