Viviann Taylor

Age: 58

City: Natchez

State: Unknown

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Viviann Taylor was 58 when she was diagnosed with COVID – 19. She was a daughter, a wife, a grandmother, a sister and a friend. Viviann loved her grandbabies, all 9 of them. Her 4 children held a special place in her heart and her spouse of 40 years was more special to her then anyone ever knew. She loved her kids she taught in Sunday School through the years at her church. She was an active pianist and organist. Viviann was a big supporter of Operation Christmas Child by not only helping to pack the boxes as they did as a church family but also by sewing bags to be placed in the boxes. She enjoyed participating in giving Bibles out and making sure every one of her students when they left her class to move up received one.

She became sick in April and was diagnosed with COVID -19 4 days before she succumbed to the illness. She is missed by so many and loved beyond.

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